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  1. Research Publications My current and past research works focus on data integration, data Warehouses, data Analysis, Big Data, web services, knowledge representation, semantic web, multidimensional data Modeling, description logic and geographical information systems.
  2. Projects: past and present personal projects.
  3. Art is an ongoing project to draw and model various objects and concepts using open standards and open-source softwares. Some objectives including tracing the learning progress, analyzing the results as well as discovering the emerging story in the process.
  4. Data Science is a collection of notes concerning data science research. They include both answered as well as unanswered questions that many posed and still continue posing.
  5. Programming explores programming languages and some lessons learned while studying different approaches of programming in various projects.
  6. Knowledge Representation techniques are not just confined for the purpose of reasoning. Increasingly they are becoming part of the software applications for diverse reasons like information discovery and retrieval. Some knowledge representation techniques and associated usages are documented here.
  7. Operating Systems landscape has changed a lot during the last few years. Hypervisors and container technologies are being used in production. Several concepts like unikernels, rump kernels are now being discussed about. These are some of the notes related to various OS trends.
  8. If Universe were a computer simulation, then the various laws governing the universe can be (possibly) simulated. For example, the beautiful planetary motion described by Kepler's laws can be easily simulated. Similarly flowers, trees, mountains are being modeled and rendered for realistic visual experience in computer games and movies. A fraction of these objects and their modeling are being explored.
  9. Links to some open projects:
  10. Propositions