NOTE: Article in Progress

It was 7h50. I feared that I will be late for the appointment.

But that didn't stop me to look at the banner. The bookshop where I used to buy books was about to close. The banner was put up by the well-wishers protesting the closure. One more victim of the internet economy?

The thought of the closure made me sad. I often used to buy books from the shop for myself and friends. Come any friends' birthday, I found myself in the bookshop. May be birthday was just an excuse. I want to look at those books and glance through their pages. Now it will soon be close.

The time was running. I looked at the bookstore and headed straight to my appointment.

I reached early. 2 minutes early to be precise. But the girl was already there. I wished her and introduced myself. carpooling. Other passengers also reached in time. We started.

Carpooling leads to a new experience everytime. Some people are shy to talk and others speak a lot. If you are a regular carpool user, you feel you are repeating the same story again and again. the story of your life, what you do? are you a regular carpool user? but you also get to know the story of some others. and some of these stories stay in your mind for a long time.

Our driver, the girl had recently graduated. She recently found a job as a librarian. What a coincidence? I had a lot of questions to ask. I was so happy to see someone who could spend most of her daytime around the books. I asked more about her profession, how they arrange books and so on, how they decide to buy books and magazines.

It was a three hour long journey. The girl asked whether we would like to take a break towards the middle of the journey. We all agreed. We stopped at a resting station. I took some pain au chocolat (choclate bread).

Before leaving, the girl stopped near the petrol station. We pointed her to a counter with payment support by card. She insisted on paying by cash. We didn't mind. She noted the number of the station where she filled the petrol and directed her car towards the cash counter. There was a lady sitting at the counter. She gave the details of the station and paid the amount to the lady. It took us less than 3 minutes. Others also maintained their silence. I think they were also thinking the same. The girl broke the silence, as if she guessed the reason of our silence. She said, 'I recently got a job. I know how difficult it is to find one. I would like that someone else has a job to keep.' I often read about millenials being tech-savvy and using latest technology. What do I say about this millenial?