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Years ago, I had been assigned a task that required me to learn Perl, a programming language initially designed and developed by Larry Wall. And that was the first time that I came across this beautiful phrase "There's more than one way to do it", considered as a slogan of Perl with the acronym 'TMTOWTDI'. It's easy to realise that TMTOWTDI is not limited to a particular particular language. We find its manifestation all around us as well as at unfathomable distances. It's not just us who are capable to achieve various tasks in different ways but the lessons of physics or biology demonstrate the vast diversity based on many discovered simple laws.


universe, planets, exoplanets, quest for life on other planets, earth, travel, mountains, seas, valleys, deserts


standard model, towards universal law


watching the trees in autumn, even trees that look the same during spring show their underlying differences



Evolution: diversity of nature, millions of species of ants and termites, thousands of animals. Nature made this choice to ensure that life survives in any form, from microbes to giant mammals. Some able to survive for millions of years and some became extinct.

Programming Languages

punching cards, assembly language, high level languages, natural languages, visual languages

simple rules, cellular automaton, fractals, beautiful patterns


7000 dialects and languages

in the verge of extinction

script, calligraphy

learning a new language from the beginning

different ways to express same emotions or ideas

cultural and linguistic diversity for protecting biodiversity2


choir, rhythm, 4/4, 6/8, 3/4, keyboard, supported rhythms, scale, transpose

singing in the choir and listening to the choir

4 parts singing, when listened separately, a feeling that something is missing to the ultimate experience when all 4 parts in unison

same with orchestra, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart


diverse emotions, living the character through the actor, opera


mother's preparation, self experiments, never the same taste, restaurants, different places, different preparation with the same ingredients, potatoes, cut potatoes, boiled potatoes, purée, delicious, potatoes with cheese (raclette) are just some examples


cave dweller paintings, landscape, portraits in various manners, with both strict and liberal rules of painting



essays, books


huts, mud, ice, hay

monuments, buildings, palaces, height and grandeur

Homo Sapiens sapiens

nature and nurture shape personal identity, raging debate which of both play major role, we see manifestation of diversity everyday in our lives, we accept it when it comes to nature, art, music, but when it comes to ourselves, why do we shy away from it? our strength is our diversity

Systemic Inequalities1


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