motivation: visualisation, colors, research, data, story-tellling, learning progress

Documenting various drawings of my childhood

started as an attempt to redraw the way I remember drawing various objects, but later decided to add various objects from memories

from paper to inkscape

objects defined as composition of lines, polygons, paths, ellipses

computer graphics

learning journal, tracked by version control

started with illustrating some articles? lacked reality (or missing idea about perspective)

use of inkscape extensions? for e.g. perspective views

in the past, obtaining realistic drawings using camera obscura, tracing lines using (slightly) transprarent paper

other approach: rules of perspective drawing, lessons from perspective drawing1: relativity, symmetry, invariance

collection of objects to draw: from daily life objects, memories, what people often draw

learning to draw correct drawings (correct according to rules of perspective drawing)

recreating some images from my childhood and adulthood

other options like rasters graphics editor


  1. Why physics needs art to help picture the universe?
  2. Camera obscura
  3. Perspective