NOTE: Article in Progress

recent experience, two different short workshops related to theatre

Theatre, first theatre, at the age of eight and ten, as Joseph, small role

Why theatre? language, interaction, expressivity

computer science researcher meets theatre

analysis of my experience

different exercises, different points of view of people

Lessons learned, different emotions in a couple of days, various body movements, facial expressions

people from different professions, amateurs, different ages, willing to explore new horizons

jobs: future jobs? arts? music?

novices, amateur

human creativity and imagination, surprises (beyond automation)

improvisational theatre, I personally found it difficult, no script at hand, becomes more difficult when the person before you is a total stranger, no expected behaviour or sentences (funny or serious character), advantages, possible (and quick) change of roles

stage play

as an audience to other improvisational theatre performances, associated competition

actors/actresses have freedom to choose their way to express, music, comedy, serious roles

topics decided by audience, a mix of two or more topics making it further difficult for a performance



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