I love to write.

I usually jot down my thoughts while traveling and reading books. These are two of the best moments when new ideas flow. Staring out of the windows of tram or bus, sometimes into the void and sometimes at the busy streets, trees and buildings gives birth to a flood of ideas which need to be mixed, refined and baked. Reading opens door to a fresh outlook on various subjects.

I follow evolving story format1 where I add new thoughts on a topic, delete or alter a post as and when possible. I save my thought process as well as its associated evolution as small, simple phrases on this blog. Weekends and late evenings are the moments when I take up writing seriously especially to complete the posts.

Earlier, I used my notebooks and computer to jot down my thoughts. The result of which was that I had an accumulation of notes and ideas, unpublished anywhere on the internet. Now with the aforementioned approach, every new idea or thought results in a small update on the webpage of the corresponding topic or the emergence of a new article.

The posts are incomplete since they miss complete sentences and there is no specific flow of ideas. But these published incomplete posts motivate me to focus and work on the respective subject as time progresses. They are easily accessible anywhere, anytime unlike my notebooks. Also it's much easier for me to analyse and elaborate them than when it required of me to write complete sentences every time.

I also find this approach quite useful to deal with writer's block2. There is no blank page; in fact there are many phrases that need elaboration and rephrasing and many partial pages that need completion.


  1. Evolving Story Format
  2. Writer's Block