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Every exercise has an associated difficulty level. Easy and medium-difficult exercises help you understand the fundamentals and give you ideas to work on difficult exercises. It is highly recommended that you finish easy and medium-difficult exercises to have a good score. Given below is the difficulty scale that will be marked with every exercise:

  1. : Easy
  2. ★★: Medium
  3. ★★★: Difficult


  1. To get complete guidance from the mentors, it is highly recommended that you work on today's practical session and not on the preceding ones.
  2. Make sure that you rename your submissions properly and correctly. Double-check your submissions.
  3. Please check the references.
  4. There are several ways to achieve a task. Hence there are many possible solutions. But try to make maximum use of the libraries that have been suggested to you for your exercises.


Project: Image recommender system: Report

Please prepare a 3-page Project report (French or English) detailing the following:

  • Goal of your project
  • Data sources of your training images and licence. Did you use labeled data sources? Did you ask your user to label images?
  • Machine learning models that you tested and used as well as their precision.
  • Size of your training data and test data.
  • Did you use online machine learning?
  • Information that you decided to store for each image.
  • Information concerning user preferences
  • Self-evaluation of your work.
  • Remarks concering the practical sessions, exercises and scope for improvement.
  • Conclusion

Note: Please do not add any program (or code) in this report.