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The role of Wikipedia and Wikidata

John Samuel

Queering Wikipedia

May 17 2023

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  • Active Wikidata contributor
  • Work on Modeling Queer Faces, Voices and Topics on Wikidata
  • Breaking out of the binary world to open up to a large spectrum of values
  • Information diversity
Documenting Queer History
  • Started in 2012
  • Free, open, linked, structured, collaborative and multilingual knowledge base
  • From multi-(sub)domain multilingual Wikipedia sites to a single-domain multilingual website

LGBT+ article on Wikipedia

LGBT+ article on Wikidata (Q17884), Wikipedia, and Commons

LGBT+ on Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikidata

LGBT+ (Q17884): multilingual information and statements

Q17884: LGBT+

LGBT+ (Q17884): statements

Q17884: LGBT+

LGBT+ (Q17884): multi-value statements

Q17884: LGBT+

LGBT+ (Q17884): statements and references

Q17884: LGBT+
Documenting Queer History: Individuals

sex or gender (P21)

Wikidata article: sex or gender (P21)

Sex or gender (P21, Q48264)

Term Wikidata ID
intersex person Q104717073
non-binary Q724351
female Q6581072
male Q6581097
two-spirit Q301702
... ..

Complete list :

sexual orientation (P91)

Wikidata article: sexual orientation (P91)

sexual orientation (P91, Q17888)

Term Wikidata ID
asexuality Q724351
bisexuality Q43200
heterosexuality Q1035954
homosexuality Q6636
pansexuality Q271534
... ..

Complete list :

personal pronoun (P6553)

Wikidata article: personal pronoun (P6553)

personal pronoun (P6553)

Wikidata article: personal pronoun (P6553)

LGBT choir (Q1820625)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ choirs
Documenting Queer History: Communities

Pride flags (Q7242811)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ pride flags

LGBT centers (Q2945640)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ community centers

LGBT pride(Q51404)

LGBT prides in France

LGBT pride (Q51404)

LGBT prides in France
Documenting Queer History: Organizations

LGBT+ rights organization (Q6458277)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ rights organizations

LGBTQI+ libraries (Q61696039)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ libraries

LGBT archives (Q61710689)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ archives
Documenting Queer History: World

LGBT rights (Q17625913)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ rights around the world

LGBT film (Q20442589)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ films

LGBT film festival (Q62018250)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ film festivals

LGBTQIA+ awareness period (Q61740765)

Documenting Queer History: LGBT+ awareness periods
Documenting Queer History: Impact and Notability

External Identifiers

Identifier Usage count
Homosaurus ID (P6417) 611
Represent Me ID (P6554) 697
LGBTFansDB character ID (P6780) 68
LGBT Danmark online dictionary ID (P8285) 249
500 Queer Scientists profile (P8243) 24
GSSO ID (P9827) 313
... ..
Documentation: Contribution Cycle (BRD): Bold - Revert - Discuss

Mois de l'histoire_LGBTQ+ 2022, 2023 (Wikimedia projects)

Mois de l'histoire_LGBTQ+ 2022, 2023 (Wikimedia projects)


  1. Usage of images, audio and video
  2. Coverage of topics
    • LGBT+ history, Awareness days/months
    • Social media hashtags
    • ...
  3. Notability
  4. Role of external identifiers
  5. Information quality

How to contribute ?

  1. Wiki Loves Pride 2023:
  2. Mois des fiertés 2023:és/2023
  3. Projet:LGBT:
  4. Wikipedia: WikiProject LGBT studies:
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