Towards Understanding and Improving Multilingual Collaborative Ontology Development in Wikidata

John Samuel

CPE Lyon

WikiWorkshop 2018, Lyon, 24th April, 2018

Creative Commons License
  1. Wikidata
    • From multi-(sub)domain multilingual Wikipedia sites to a single-domain multilingual website
  2. Question:
    • Collaborative Multilingual Multi-domain Ontology development: is it possible to achieve a truly multilingual experience?
  3. Methodology:
    • Wikidata property proposal, creation and translation
    • Available templates and their usage
    • Providing real-time statistics to (multilingual) contributors
  • WDProp
    • Get real-time translation statistics
    • Navigate supported languages, properties, datatypes, classes
    • Compare translation statistics
    • Find available properties for an entity
  • URL