Analyzing and Visualizing Translation Patterns of Wikidata Properties

John Samuel

CPE Lyon

CLEF 2018, Avignon, 10th September, 2018

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  • Wikidata
    • Started in year 2012
    • is free, open, linked, structured, collaborative and multilingual knowledge base
    • From multi-(sub)domain multilingual Wikipedia sites to a single-domain multilingual website
    • Collaborative Multilingual Multi-domain Ontology development
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Wikidata Properties
Wikidata Properties
Wikidata Properties
Wikidata Properties
P17: Translation History
  1. WDProp:
    • Collaborative Multilingual Multi-domain Ontology development: is it possible to achieve a truly multilingual experience?
  2. Goals:
    • Understanding Wikidata property proposal, creation and translation
    • Available templates and their usage
    • Providing real-time statistics to (multilingual) contributors
  • WDProp
    • Get real-time translation statistics
    • Navigate supported languages, properties, datatypes, classes
    • Compare translation statistics
    • Find available properties for an entity
    • Uses Wikidata SPARQL endpoints and Mediawiki API
  • URL
WDProp: Translation path
WDProp: Translation path
WDProp: Translation path
  • Related Works:
    • Multilinguality in Wikidata
    • Property label stability in Wikidata
    • Linguistic influence patterns in Wikipedia
    • Deletion patterns in Wikipedia
Current Work (Work done with Thibaut Chamard)
  • Conclusion:
    • Wikidata properties form the foundation of Wikidata knowledge base
    • Though few in number (around 5200) compared to items (around 50 million), their creation and evolution needs to be fully understood
    • Recommendation for translation to contributors


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