Contributing to Wikidata
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Contributing to Wikidata
E.g., Q1765672  P31  Q166142
E.g., Q1765672  P856  ""
E.g. (precision: year),

Q1765672  P577  +2016-00-00T00:00:00Z/9
E.g. (precision: month),

Q1765672  P577  +2016-04-00T00:00:00Z/10
E.g. (precision: day),

Q1765672  P577  +2016-04-14T00:00:00Z/11
E.g., Q3669835  P625  @043.26193/010.92708
E.g. (qualifiers),

Q1765672  P348  "16.04.0" P577  +2016-04-14T00:00:00Z/11
Q1765672  Len  "Akregator"
Q1765672  Lfr  "Akregator"
Q1765672  Den  "feed reader"
Q1765672  Dfr  "logiciel informatique"

  • Creating new items
    • CREATE
    • LAST Len "Software Name"
    • LAST Lfr "Nom du logiciel"
    • LAST Den "description"
    • LAST Dfr "description"
    • LAST P31 Q?
2. What to edit?
  1. instance of P31
  2. image P18
  3. logo image P154
  4. GUI toolkit or framework P1414
  5. software version P348
  6. ...
All those numbers!!!
Wikidata Projects
  1. WikiProject Informatics/Software
  2. WikiProject Informatics/Operating System
  3. WikiProject Informatics/Programming Language
  4. ...
3. Wikipedia Infoboxes
KDE Plasma 5 (English, Spanish, Italian, German)
  • HarvestTemplates
    • Import data from Wikipedia Templates (e.g., Infoboxes)
    • Template Name, Property Name, P-Number
Writing bots
Bots using MediaWiki API
Bots using MediaWiki API
Bots using pywikibot
4. Wikipedia or Wikidata?
Integration between Wikipedia infoboxes and Wikidata
Automated article generation
Akregator is a news aggregator application in KDE. It was developed in QT GUI framework.
  1. Automation and Collaboration
  2. Linguistic Diversity
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  • Acknowledgements
    1. Wikimedia Hackathon 2017
    2. Wikidata community members
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